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As Switzerland’s first Institute for Medical Informatics, the I4MI builds bridges at the interface between medicine and computer science to advance the digitalisation of healthcare and make it available to the public.

Research + Development

You commission us for research and we develop a practice-oriented, research-based solutions at current rates. Our lab environment enables us to test use cases, as well as medical informatics applications, in a realistic setting and make them market-ready.

Consulting services

As your partner, we provide flexible support for your services and product development activities. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological assessments and investigations
  • Project monitoring
  • Consulting, planning, coaching
  • Tests and expert reports
  • Measurements, appraisals and analyses
  • Letting of facilities
  • Evaluations and audits

Core competencies

  • eHealth Switzerland: creation, design, implementation, evaluation

  • ICT workflow analysis: target-performance comparisons, workshop facilitation, requirements engineering
  • Patient-focused design of intuitive user interfaces
  • Modulation and prototype development of new applications in mHealth
  • Installation and testing of applications for Ambient Assisted Living
  • Software components in the medical informatics laboratory
  • Information management, data analysis, Big Data in healthcare


The settings in the Living Lab are real-to-life: with hospital (OP, intensive care and general ward), doctor’s surgery, physiotherapist, chemist, federal offices, insurers, logistics and virtual family, the Brönimanns (including two-room apartment).
They demonstrate clearly the information flows in healthcare. eHealth, information systems (KIS, RIS, PIS, LIS, AIS), apps and sensors produce a range of technical documentation pertaining to the Brönimann family’s treatment and lifestyle data.
In this laboratory, key healthcare processes can be visualised, and analysis can be carried out on IT support applications, including sensor technology, cloud solutions, Web 2.0 technologies and automation. The analysis of these technologies and tests with simulated use cases provide a foundation for the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare (Health 4.0).

Aim of the Medical Informatics Laboratory as a "Living-Lab”

As a place of research and education, a laboratory landscape unique in the German-speaking world was established as a "Living-Lab". It displays the essential components of the health care system including a hospital, a doctor's practice, physiotherapy, a pharmacy - which can communicate via eHealth platforms - as well as telemedical services, management in the health care system and a two-room apartment for the Brönnimann family, who lives virtually in our "Living-Lab".

Discover our medical informatics lab now, thanks to the virtual tour! Or take a look at the gallery to see parts of the laboratory and the apartment of the Brönnimann family.

Visit our "Living-Lab"

You are most welcome to visit our “Living-Lab”. For an appointment please contact Jürgen Holm.

Institute for Medical Informatics I4MI - Virtual Lab Tour

Possibilities of the Medical Informatics Laboratory as a "Living-Lab"

This laboratory allows us to visualise the most important processes in health care with the main actors. Every represented institution and every actor is connected with its
core utensils and is displayed in separate rooms. Each of these actors holds its most important specialist applications and information systems that deal with medically or medical-administrative relevant data.
In this laboratory environment, Use Cases as well as Medical Informatics applications can be tested in a realistic environment and developed up to marketability. Here are a few scenes from our laboratory environment and from the apartment of the Brönnimann couple.


Student theses

Innovation and research are key to strengthening competitiveness. That is why companies from a wide range of industries have long collaborated with our bachelor’s and master's students. Here, our students incorporate aspects of their respective partner company’s work into their thesis, supervised by us. In doing so, they enable the company in question to avail itself not only of the students’ own academic knowledge and experience, but also that of their lecturers.

Training + Continuing education

Whether we like it or not, technology plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives. Those closely involved in its development and advancement are helping to shape our future.