By pursuing new fields of application for print and dosing systems, we create innovative solutions for industry.

Dosing Systems

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We use a wide array of dosing systems that we fine-tune meticulously to the fluid in question. To do this, we assemble our own dispenser systems and also provide measurement and control electronics. We use the Finite Element Method (FEM) and Matlab/Simulink simulations to visualise and better understand dispensing operations.

Print Systems

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We select the printhead best suited to your purposes and determine in our labs the ideal operating parameters for the specific machine environment and the desired print medium.

2D, 2.5D and 3D printing

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Our labs are equipped with flexible test rigs and test printers to assist in finding innovative solutions in graphical and functional printing. Our expert knowledge of the entire process chain also lets us develop customer-specific solutions in 2D and 3D printing.


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We are experienced in handling many different fluids, covering a wide viscosity range (1mPa*s to 1 million mPa*s). From micropumps and pressure-driven conveying systems for low-viscosity media to screw or piston extruders for high-viscosity, gel-like or paste-like media, we select the best components for you. Likewise we develop solutions for the preparation, storage, pre-treatment and post-treatment of fluids.