Range of services

With our expertise in printing technology, we work together with you to work out solutions in product and process development, as well as in the development of test facilities and industrial plants.

Research + Development

In the context of government-financed R&D projects, we work with our industrial partners to develop new digital production processes and printing machines. Here our focus is on the digital printing processes. With inkjet printheads, microvalves and microdispensers, we are able to develop solutions in both conventional and functional printing, as well as in micro-dispensing applications for biotech and food technology.

Besides researching and developing our own inkjet and microfluidic systems, we also devote ourselves to process development and measurement technology. Our broad development expertise is supplemented by long-standing research collaborations with other departments at Bern University of Applied Sciences as well as other colleges and universities. This enables us to develop individual process technologies for application, functionalisation and dosing for various industries. The spectrum of applications is wide and extends all the way from digital finishing machines to textile printing and 3D bioprinters.

We are interested in long-term partnerships to ensure the ongoing transfer of new technologies and new knowledge.

You can commission us for directly financed projects or enter into a federally funded collaboration (e.g. Innosuisse). Innosuisse funds innovation projects between companies and universities.



We offer you flexible collaboration for services or product development.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Student theses for companies (bachelor’s and master’s theses)
  • Technological consultations or investigations
  • Measurements, evaluations and analyses


We have a fully equipped laboratory in Burgdorf where we carry out our research and development work.

For confidential projects we offer separately locking labs with restricted access.

We have special simulation software (Comsol, Ansys Fluent, Matlab) to model fluidic systems or multiphysics systems.

Simulationssoftware Enlarge image

We have several printing machines and test systems on which to perform developments:

  • Inkjet printing machines (Polytype Virtu RS25 large format printer, Dimatix DMP-2831 Materials Printer)
  • Inkjet test printers (3D digital printer, 3D wax printer, 3D powder printer, Braille printer)
  • UV-VIS-NIR light source (Phoseon FireJet FJ200 UV-LED spotlight, Hönle Bluepoint-4 UV-Hg spot source, Hönle UVA Print UV-Hg 6kW curing unit, Newport UV-NIR monochromatic light source)
  • Ink preparation (CCH ink-degassing system, TVS-2 ink-supply system, Exakt 80-E three-roll mill)
  • Surface pretreatment (Plasmabrush PB2 plasma generator, BD-20V corona generator, Polytype flame device)
  • Artificial ageing (Q-LAB Xenon test chamber Q-SUN Xe-1-SC with irrigation and cooler, Q-LAB UVA)
Versuchsanlagen Enlarge image
  • Drop watcher (drop watchers IDT-1 & IDT-2, drop-size measuring system)
  • Rheometer (Anton Paar MCR 102 rheometer/viscometer, Anton Paar Rheolab QC rheometer)
  • Cameras and scanners (Aicon Breuckmann smartSCAN-HE 3D scanner, Photron AX100 high-speed camera, Vitcam high-speed camera)
  • Optical measuring and testing equipment (Krüss EasyDrop contact angle meter, X-Rite SpectroEye colorimeter (spectrophotometer), Instrument Systems MAS-40 UV-VIS spectrophotometer + integrating sphere + goniometer (CIE-compliant measurement of light sources), UV-VIS spectrometer, Perkin Elmer Spectrum BX IR spectrometer, UV-NIR monochromator)
  • Other measuring and testing equipment (Mettler Toledo XP-26 precision scales to 2 μg, various other scales)
Messeinrichtungen Enlarge image

We have a range of modern industrial inkjet printheads plus the relevant electronic controls and micro-dispensing systems.

  • Inkjet printheads (Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Trident, Xaar, etc.)
  • Print controllers (GIS, TTP, Konica Minolta, Trident, etc.)
  • Microvalves/Microdispensers (Nordson, Microdrop, Gyger, Zitera, etc.)
  • Micropumps/Micro-extruders (Viscotec, Bartels, Quantex, etc.)
Injekt Druckköpfe und Mikrodosiersysteme Enlarge image

In addition to the above, we also have access to the following equipment from other institutes:

  • Scanning electron microscope (REM/EDX)
  • Laser scanning microscope (3D)
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Various laser sources
  • Clean room with PVD, PE-CVD