Bern Movement Lab

The Bern Movement Lab of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH Department of Health Professions has the infrastructure needed for high-quality research work.

In order to quantify physical movement capabilities and to evaluate physical deficits, we deploy various biomechanical and physiological methods in the Bern Movement Lab. The methods used depend on the issues raised in the project in question. It is often the case that new test methods are developed and validated if the questions raised warrant it.

The Bern Movement Lab is operated together with the Institute for Physiotherapy of the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital and ORTHO-TEAM AG of Bern.

BFH Health Professions, Bern Movement Lab

Measurement and Analysis Methods

A comprehensive portfolio of methods in different dimensions is available.


  • 3D infrared kinematics measuring system, 10 cameras (Vicon Motion Systems®)

  • 3D electromagnetic tracking (trackSTAR®)

  • High-speed digital cameras (Basler® Vision Technologies)

  • Movement sensors / Linear potentiometers (Gefran®)

  • Gait parameter measurement (Satel Lokometer®)


  • Ground reaction force measurement 3D (AMTI® & Kistler®)
  • Force measurement sensors 1D (Megatron® & HBM®)
  • Treadmill ergometer with integrated pressure sensor (Zebris®)
  • Pressure distribution measurement platforms  (rsscan® & Gebiom®)
  • Steps with integrated ground reaction force measurement (Kistler®)
  • Instrumented leg press (Technogym®)


  • Telemetric electromyography (2x16 channels & 1x8 channels) (Noraxon®)
  • Telemetric electromyography (1x8 channels) (pfitec®)
  • Electrostimulation (Digitimer®)

Performance physiology

  • Bicycle ergometer (Daum Elektronik®)
  • Rowing ergometer (Concept2®)
  • Treadmill ergometer (LifeFitness®, Kettler®, h/p cosmos®)
  • Spirometry (Cosmed®)
  • Heart rate measurement (Polar®)
  • Lactate measurement (Accusport®)
  • Laboratory diagnostics  (Hach Lange®)

Whole body vibration

  • Stochastic whole body vibration – platform (Zeporing GmbH®)
  • 3-DOF (degree of freedom) Motion platform (Prototype)

Further measurement technology

  • Universal amplifier & measurement and analytics software (uk-labs)
  • Acceleration sensor 2D and 3D, Telemetrie (Noraxon®)
  • Electro-goniometer 1D & 2D,  Telemetry (Noraxon®)
  • Pressure sensors, telemetry (Noraxon®)
  • Foot contact switch, telemetry (Noraxon®)





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