About us

The interprofessional physiotherapy research team is formed of experts from complementary disciplines including: physiotherapy, medicine, psychology, kinesiology and sport science, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and orthopaedic technology. This broad skill base enables us to adopt a targeted, practical approach. This expertise is further enhanced by multilingual staff and an international network of partners in practice and research.



Collaboration with partners in healthcare, academia and clinical research, as well as business, forms the backbone of our interdisciplinary research projects.

Academic and Practice Partnership Insel Gruppe – BFH

Our academic and practice partnership with the Department of Nursing, Medical Technology and Therapeutic Care at Insel Gruppe enables us to strengthen our collaboration and link academia with practice. The partnership is led by Prof Kai-Uwe Schmitt and focuses on interdisciplinary, networked research within the context of a dynamic, interprofessional environment.


Academic and Practice Partnership with Domicil Bern AG

For several years, we have had a successful partnership with Domicil Bern AG that focuses on care development and quality assurance. The research projects contracted by Domicil Bern were planned and implemented by a team of personnel at Domicil Bern and BFH Health Professions, enabling each party to make best use of their knowledge, skills and resources. We have collaborated – and continue to collaborate – on a variety of individual research projects. The academic and practice partnership gives us an opportunity to define the innovative scope of these research projects more clearly and hone our combined strategy.

Academic and Practice Partnership Lindenhofgruppe Bern

BFH Health Professions and the Nursing Development Department at Lindenhofgruppe have been working closely together since 2007. In 2014, the two partners entered an academic and practice partnership. The goals of the partnership are as follows:

  • Quality improvement and evidence-basing in nursing and midwifery
  • Development and evaluation of continuing education offerings and range of services
  • Continuous role development (Advanced Practice)
  • Mutual provision of expertise and institutional oversight

Doctoral programme

We support students who want to pursue a doctorate by helping them identify a suitable university, either in Switzerland or abroad, dissertation topic, project or supervisor.

Other national and international partnerships

Dual competency profiles that keep us at the cutting - edge of practice

The demands on healthcare, training and research in this area are high. Furthermore, they are changing constantly. With this in mind, we have launched a pilot programme that aims to more firmly embed the mixed profile of our lecturers and researchers in professional practice.

This equates to targeted practical placements that expand staff qualifications and expertise in teaching, research and continuing education. These placements take place in individual divisions; however, our practice partners also have the opportunity to build an interdisciplinary network and develop their skills through interprofessional collaboration. The results are initiatives and exchange models that we develop in cooperation with our practice partners; associates can also propose their own initiatives to strengthen their skills.

The dual competence profile is reinforced through practice partnerships with representatives from all healthcare areas and from all levels of patient care. By offering opportunities across all health professions divisions, we deliver patient-oriented care that keeps pace with modern requirements.