Software Engineering and Development

Are you looking for new software solutions to simplify your processes? We accompany you in the development of innovative solutions that enable you to explore new areas.


With a focus on modern technologies and agile methodological expertise, we develop software solutions together with you. From tailor-made solutions to intuitive user interfaces and virtual and augmented reality, we design pioneering projects. Benefit from access to student work or our expertise in direct mandates or research collaborations with funding.

Our services comprise:

  • Software development: tailor-made solutions that drive digital evolution forward.
  • International projects: implementation of pioneering projects such as “Pig Health Information System” and “Martelage Sylvotheque CH”.
  • Technological expertise: use of the latest technologies, including Android, Angular, Spring, SpringBoot, PHP, MySQL and PostGreSQL.
  • Data collection and analysis: development of efficient systems for recording and analysing relevant data in real time.
  • Dashboards and visualisation: design of intuitive dashboards and visual representations for easy-to-understand data analysis.
  • Augmented and virtual reality applications: development of virtual reality solutions such as “Martelage Sylvotheque CH” and “Forest Time Machine” for immersive experiences.
  • Managing sensitive data: platform for machine learning such as “Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning” on sensitive health data without taking the data out of its protected environment.

Our expertise

We are specialised in:

  • Technological excellence: mastery of modern tools such as Android, Angular, Spring, SpringBoot, PHP, MySQL, PostGreSQL.
  • Research and development: implementation of pioneering projects, including “Pig Health Information System” and “Martelage Sylvotheque CH”.
  • Data management: efficient collection, analysis and management of real-time data.
  • UX/UI Design: design of intuitive user interfaces and appealing visualisations.
  • Augmented and virtual reality: development of immersive applications, such as “Martelage Sylvotheque CH”.
  • Privacy-preserving machine learning: secure handling of sensitive health data for more precise diagnoses.

We rely on our wide-ranging expertise to design innovative software solutions and drive digital evolution in key areas.


The easiest way to receive some advice or to get started with a research project is to reach out to us directly by e-mail. We are eager to interact with industry and non-profit organisations, and love working with and enabling SMEs and start-ups.