Gino Severini

In the Romand part of Switzerland from the 1920s to the 1940s, over one hundred churches were built and decorated with great care in a new and modern style aimed at clearly communicating religious content.



Through an interdisciplinary approach, the project will study the religious wall paintings by Gino Severini during his collaboration with the Groupe de Saint-Luc. One of the main goals is to understand Severini’s expressive intentions and the materials and painting procedures used. Through the integration of art historical and archival information with direct visual and scientific examination of Severini’s wall paintings the team will investigate the connections between the artist’s technical choices, the primary sources and the availability of new painting materials and methods. This research will fill a gap of knowledge on this particular moment in the history of Swiss art and culture, as well as on the figure of Severini himself, an internationally renowned artist whose Swiss religious mural paintings remain barely known today.