Digital Skills Peer Tutoring Pilot Project

In this project, tutorials designed to enhance interdisciplinary digital skills will be developed, implemented and evaluated. This pilot project will form the basis for the university-wide introduction of such tutorials at BFH.



It is nowadays essential to have digital skills. To date, these skills have not been systematically addressed by core teaching programmes at BFH. In the “Digital Skills” tutorial, student tutors in their third semester and later will provide targeted support to first semester students, focusing on helping these develop general and study-related digital skills. This will assist students during their orientation phase at BFH and promote the systematic improvement of digital skills relevant to academic and professional activities. The finalised concept will be made available internally within BFH and externally as an open educational resource.

Zeichnung von einem Laptop und einem Absolventenhut.
Digitale Fähigkeiten sollen ab dem 1. Semester vermittelt werden.

Course of action

During the 2019 - 2020 project period, the focus will be on the development of a tutoring training course for first semester students throughout BFH, as well as on its implementation, realisation and evaluation in a pilot course undertaken at a selected BFH department.