Children from families with heavy substance consumption

On behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health, the Bern University of Applied Sciences developed the Indiactor «Children from Families with High-Risk Substance Use» for the Monitoring System Addiction and NCD (MonAM).



In Switzerland noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and addictions are a major challenge for public health.


In Switzerland, 5.8% of children aged under 15 live in a family where one or both parents show heavy alcohol consumption. 31.3% are raised in an environment where the parents consume products containing nicotine (e.g. tobacco products, e‑cigarettes) on a daily basis. The proportion of children whose parents make heavy consumption of illegal drugs (e.g. cannabis, cocaine, heroin) is low (1.8%). Some children’s parents show multiple heavy substance consumption. This is the case, in particular, with alcohol and nicotine (1.9%).

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being