Studie E-ZIVI

E-Zivi, the service portal for the civil service, is affected by the digital transformation. The trends are towards matching and marketplace. We make an analysis of the current situation and formulate the target situation based on this.


  • Lead department Business
  • Institute Institute for Public Sector Transformation
  • Research unit Daten und Infrastruktur
  • BFH centre BFH Centre for the Digital Society
  • Funding organisation Others
  • Duration (planned) 15.03.2020 - 31.03.2021
  • Project management Alessia C. Neuroni
  • Head of project Alessia C. Neuroni
  • Keywords BusinessProcessAnalysis, BPMN, BusinessRules, Profiling, Matching, User Stories, Archimate, UML, digitalTransformation, PublicSectorTransformation


The Federal Office for Civilian Service needs a basis for deciding how to further develop the future service portal E-Zivi so that the appropriate aspects can be integrated in the WTO tender.

Course of action

As is usual in business informatics, the actual and target situation is presented. Furthermore, the IPST analyses the software market to provide additional information for the upcoming make-or-buy decision. The project is divided into 4 work packages (WP): WP1: ACTUAL analysis: Analysis of existing business processes The different business processes of ZIVI are mapped in the graphical specification language Business Process Model and Notation. Information on the current business processes is collected by means of interviews and document study. In addition, organisational roles and the degree of digitalisation of the existing business processes are determined. WP2: ACTUAL analysis: Analysis of the existing specialised applications In WP2, E-ZIVI is analysed technically. For this purpose, the technical documentation of E-ZIVI is examined and an architecture, software and ergonomics review is carried out. This WP also includes an operational analysis of the application operation and interviews with various stakeholders regarding the system requirements. WP3: Target analysis In this WP, business processes are optimised and the system metaphor is defined. Based on this, the technical structure of the ideal solution will be defined. WP4: Market analysis The focus here is on the analysis of the current market offer. This includes the collection of ternds on specialised applications close to E-ZIVI and the evaluation of such software.