Lifelong identities are now the standard in identity management at Swiss universities. But what comes next? The trend is moving toward decentralized identities...


  • Lead department Engineering and Information Technology
  • Institute Institute for Data Applications and Security (IDAS)
  • Research unit IDAS / Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • BFH centre BFH Centre for the Digital Society
  • Funding organisation Others
  • Duration 01.09.2020 - 30.11.2020
  • Project management Gerhard Hassenstein
  • Head of project Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer
  • Keywords Identity Management, IAM, Self-Sovereign Identities


Digital identities are the basis of a digitized university. SWITCH has been providing the SWITCHaai infrastructure for this purpose since 1999. At the moment, the migration to the SWITCH edu-ID, which is based on a central lifelong identity, is underway.

Course of action

In this SWITCH Innovation Lab researchers will assess the current state of Self-Sovereign Identities, develop an architecture blueprint for its use in the higher education explore potential roles for SWITCH.