Customised IT Training for Executives

In this project, a customised training course on the subject of digital transformation and IT usage will be developed for the top managers of fenaco.



The training should enable executives to effictively lead the digital transformation at fenaco and to implement the specific opportunities for transformation in their area of activity in a consistent and efficient way. Fenaco is a cooperative with a 7 billion turnover and approximately 11000 employees. Its organisational structure ist complex but it has a central IT department. The central IT department allows to support the business considerably more efficient and effective than a IT department of a SME could. In order to exploit this potential, tools for the use of synergies have are required and have to be used professionally. Furthermore, business and IT departments need to collaborate on equal footing in order to stimulate the joint debates on new ideas for digitalisation and business innovations. Such debates require an understanding of the IT language in the business. We develop a customised executive training which enables managers from the business to use the opportunities of the digital transformation and handle the associated risks successfully. We focus on the particular difficulties in collaboration in a complex organisation and address the specific opportunities and risks that companies of fenaco are confronted with.

Course of action

The baseline are research results on the digital transformation of organisations and industries, on the organisation of work in IT departments and on the particular challenges of IT usage in SMEs and large enterprises. Based on that evaluate the client’s needs and develop a training concept and specific program for a two-day course in close cooperation with fenaco. The program is designed to allow participants to connect the state of knowledge from a global perspective with initiatives and methods of their own company. This enables the participants to derive the consequences for their own scope of work. It is important to us that the training course is fun and has a lasting effect.