Participatory Knowledge Practices in Analog and Digitalized Image Archives

This project explores practices of collecting, archiving and communicating knowledge from an interdisciplinary and application-oriented perspective.


  • Lead school Bern Academy of the Arts
  • Institute Institute of Design Research
  • Research unit Knowledge Visualization
  • Funding organisation SNSF
  • Duration (planned) 01.02.2021 - 31.01.2025
  • Project management Walter Leimgruber
  • Head of project Ulrike Felsing
  • Project staff Anthon Astrom
    Dr. Vera Chiquet
    Peter Fornaro
    Max Frischknecht
    Prof. Dr. Heiko Schuldt
    Daniel Schoeneck Stauffer
    Fabrice Tereszkiewicz
  • Partner Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkskunde
    Universität Basel
    Universität Bern
    Büro für Fotografiegeschichte Bern
    ETH Bibliothek
    Fotostiftung Schweiz
    Kunsthalle Basel
    Museum der Kulturen Basel
    Ringier Fotoarchiv
    Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
    Staatsarchiv Aargau
    Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt
    Schweizerischer Nationalfonds SNF


In cooperation with the photo archive of the Swiss Society for Folklore Studies, we are investigating the transformation of analogue archives into digital archives from the perspectives of technology, communication, and the anthropology of knowledge. We are also developing a visual interface for academic and non-academic users.