Digital Skills Coaching - Peer to Peer

In this project, learning offers for fostering digital skills are developed and implemented. As a follow-up project to Digital Skills Peer Tutoring, the offers are being further developed, tested and evaluated throughout the BFH.


  • Lead school Business School
  • Additional schools School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Institute Institute for Digital Technology Management
  • Strategic thematic field Thematic field "Humane Digital Transformation"
  • Duration (planned) 01.11.2022 - 31.12.2023
  • Project management Joëlle Simonet
  • Head of project Joëlle Simonet
  • Project staff Prof. Dr. Kenneth Ritley
    Tina Maurer
  • Keywords Peer-to-Peer, Digital Skills, Coaching, Tutoring, Future Skills


Digital competencies are key competencies today. So far, they have not been systematically addressed in undergraduate teaching at BFH. In the project Digital Skills Coaching, student coaches from the 3rd semester onwards support other, mostly new students in building up general and study-related digital skills. This facilitates the introductory phase of studies and promotes the systematic development of digital skills related to the subject or professional field.

Course of action

This project enables students to act as coaches for other students. As peer coaches, they support other students in developing and deepening their digital skills. The project consists of three parts: (1) Recruitment & Training of Coaches: The coaches learn tools to foster digital skills of fellow students under the guidance of the project leaders (W & TI). (2) Development & Implementation of Learning Offers: Coaches develop learning offers (e.g., workshops, micro-learnings) to acquire digital skills and implement them with interested students from all departments at BFH. The content is based on the required digital skills in the students' everyday life, e.g. communication and collaboration or creation of digital content. (3) Evaluation & Continuation: The offers as well as the peer coaching format will be evaluated and options for the institutionalization will be reviewed. The project builds on the experiences from the "Digital Skills Tutoring" and would like to extend this to the whole BFH (

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 4: Quality education