Human-centered aspects of HR sourcing software in Swiss companies

Application of HR Sourcing Software in Personnel Recruitment



Headhunters as well as HR departments often rely on active sourcing using digital matching tools to find suitable candidates online. Such tools may contain bias based on underlying selection criteria and data. While the literature and existing projects often deal with fairness issues in the field of personnel selection (e.g. ranking), little is known about bias in such matching tools.

Course of action

In this project, the following research questions will be investigated: - How widespread is the use of such matching tools in Switzerland? - What challenges arise from the point of view of HR professionals? - What kind of software is used, and in which use cases? - What kind of technologies is the matching software used in Switzerland based on? - Is it possible to identify bias in such software by testing different scenarios?


- Interview data - Results of a black box testing

Looking ahead

The project contributes to the development of efficient HR sourcing software, from which headhunters and HR departments, as well as applicants, benefit in the long term: - Finding suitable candidates online (e.g. on job portals). - Assistance in identifying relevant selection criteria or terminologies. - Review of the decision-making process for potential discrimination and propose solutions for its remedy. - Recommendations for the responsible use of digital tools

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 8: Decent work and economic growth