Menon Expeditions Nursing Feasibility Study

Feedback is a foundation for personal and professional development. Menon Expeditions Nursing acts as an interface between trainee, practice site and training facility during the training.



Freshly qualified nurses often experience the daily work routine after graduation as stressful due to the discrepancy between the expectations of the job and the daily work routine, as well as between the competencies or resources imparted and those required. To prevent these challenges, nurses need to be prepared for the dynamic and demanding day-to-day work environment. However, the place of practice and the school consult sporadically and only when problems arise. Trainees receive little feedback due to the lack of sufficient professional educators, which prevents them from developing appropriately during their training. An innovative solution is to enable communication between the practice location, school and trainees throughout the entire training period and to work specifically on the trainees' professional and interdisciplinary competencies. The cloud-based solution is accessible as a web app. Vocational trainers can use it to give their feedback to trainees. They can use integrated assessments to evaluate their professional and interdisciplinary competencies, such as their own resilience, so that individual needs for action can be identified. Since the feedback is in text form, Natural Language Processing is required for the processing and evaluation, whereby unstructured text data can be automatically quantified and used for evaluation.

Course of action

The following questions are to be clarified in the feasibility study: (1) To what extent are the target groups interested in the webapp and what are the expectations? (2) Where are the discrepancies between expectations and experiences regarding work requirements and professional and interdisciplinary competencies? (3) What unstructured data is available and what are the requirements for text analysis? (4) What data are subject to special privacy protections? (5) What funding can practice sites and schools imagine for the use of the product?

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being