BFH diagonal – Optional programme for students

With BFH diagonal you can study beyond your own subject areas, expand your skills and individualise your degree profile. The new optional programme includes over 100 modules from the broad range of diverse themes at the BFH – the choice is yours!

  • Forge links beyond your own degree programme
  • Strengthen your skills in critical thinking, creative action and effective communication – the skills of tomorrow!
  • Expand your knowledge of current, interdisciplinary topics such as sustainability, diversity and entrepreneurship
  • Learn a new language and hone your intercultural skills
  • Benefit from the entire disciplinary diversity at the BFH


What is BFH diagonal?

BFH diagonal is the university-wide, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary optional programme at BFH. It allows you to further your personal, subject-related and professional development according to your talents and interests.

Register to:

  • Opened modules – Modules from other degree programmes
  • BFH optional modules – Interdisciplinary modules offered to the entire BFH

How many modules can I choose?

Give your degree profile a more individual touch with BFH diagonal modules worth 16 ECTS credits.

Bachelor's students  – with the exception of those in the degree programmes Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy  – count at least 6 ECTS credits towards their degree. In your study plan you can see in which area and how many ECTS credits you can transfer.

Master's students discuss the possibilities of counting ECTS credits towards their degree with their Head of degree programme.


How to enrol for BFH diagonal?

The following calendar weeks are reserved for enrolment: 

  • Autumn semester (incl. Summer Schools weeks 34–37):
    Weeks 26–30 (enrolment window closes on Friday of week 30)
  • Spring semester (incl. Winter Schools week 7 + Summer Schools weeks 28–30):
    Weeks 51–02 (enrolment window closes on Friday of week 02)

You can find the different enrolment links in the module factsheet (see overview). The enrolment is done online in IS-Academia or via registration form.

Note :

  • Your registration is binding. Cancellation will only be possible for important reasons.
  • You will need to take extra care to cross-check if the timing of the BFH diagonal modules is compatible with your own timetable.
  • When registering, please note the admission prerequisites in the module description.
  • If a module can no longer be counted within the 6 permissible diagonal ECTS credits for bachelor students, please leave a comment when enrolling.
  • In BFH diagonal you study across all disciplinary boundaries, which is why many things work differently than usual.

Further questions? To the FAQ!

Overview of BFH diagonal

You can use the filter to limit the offers that are displayed according to your needs, e.g. by subject area (topics) or timetable. For the opened modules, the information on the schedule and the search filters 'Days of the week' and 'Time of day' are updated from calendar week 29 (for the autumn semester) and from week 51 (for the spring semester).