BFH diagonal – Optional programme for students

With BFH diagonal you can study beyond your own subject areas, expand your skills and individualise your degree profile. The new optional programme includes over 100 modules from the broad range of diverse themes at the BFH – the choice is yours!


What is BFH diagonal?

BFH diagonal is the university-wide, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary optional programme at BFH. It allows you to further your personal, subject-related and professional development according to your talents and interests.

Advantages and contents of BFH diagonal

  • Forge links beyond your own degree programme

  • Strengthen your skills in critical thinking, creative action and effective communication  –  the skills of tomorrow!
  • Expand your knowledge of current, interdisciplinary topics such as sustainability, diversity and entrepreneurship
  • Learn a new language and hone your intercultural skills
  • Benefit from the entire disciplinary diversity at the BFH

Who can participate in BFH diagonal?

  • Bachelor students of the BFH
  • Master's students will have to clarify with the head of their master’s degree programme whether and how participation is possible.

How is BFH diagonal integrated into your degree programme?

You can count 6 ECTS credits from BFH diagonal towards your Bachelor's degree. This rule is not applicable to students of the School of Health Professions (due to conformity to the Health Professions Act), who may, however, attend diagonal modules in addition to their study programmes.

You may take 10 additional ECTS credits from the BFH diagonal optional programme. These will also be listed on the transcript of records and can thus be shown to future employers.

Therefore, a total of 16 ECTS credits can be included in your degree, tailoring your profile to reflect your individuality.

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Further information

Organisation + Registration

When do BFH diagonal modules take place?

BFH optional modules:

The BFH optional modules are offered either in the form of block weeks (summer school or winter school), or at late afternoon (from 4.30 p.m) on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or in evening classes (from 6.15 p.m.), and sometimes in a combination of these variants. Some take place online, others on-site, others in hybrid form. The optional modules are therefore to a large extent compatible with your personal timetable.

Opened modules:

Opened modules are scheduled in the normal time frames in the degree programmes. Here you will need to take extra care to cross-check with your own timetable. Details of the time slots for individual modules can be found in the overview of optional modules. 

How are modules in BFH diagonal assessed?

Your achievements in BFH diagonal modules are assessed with “pass” or “fail” grades, which will be entered in your transcript of records. All assessments of BFH optional modules will be published in due course in your semester grade notification. In the case of opened modules, your assessment may only be officially announced in the subsequent transcript of records.

How to enrol for BFH diagonal?

BFH diagonal is a university-wide pool of optional modules. You can choose between interdisciplinary / cross disciplinary BFH optional modules and opened modules from the different degree programmes.

The following calendar weeks are reserved for enrolment: week 29–30 (for the autumn semester incl. summer school weeks 34-37) or 51–02 (for the spring semester incl. winter school and summer school weeks 28–30).

You can find the different enrolment links in the module factsheet (see overview of optional modules). The enrolment is done online in IS-Academia or via registration form.

When registering, please note the admission prerequisites in the module description. Interdisciplinary modules can often only be taken from the 3rd semester onwards.

Your registration is binding. Cancellation will only be possible for important reasons. Therefore, you will need to take extra care to cross-check with your own timetable.

If a module can no longer be counted within the 6 permissible diagonal ECTS credits, please leave a comment when enrolling.

Overview of BFH diagonal

You can use the filter to limit the offers that are displayed according to your needs, e.g. by subject area (topics) or timetable. For the opened modules, the search filters 'Days of the week' and 'Times of day' can only be applied from calendar week 30 (for the autumn semester) and from week 01 (for the spring semester).