Project 5: Interdisciplinary Project (BTW7105)

Carry out real projects for real businesses issues. Develop a product/service or help a company to get improvements. Participate in interdisciplinary teams in a successful seminar which runs already for years.

  • Students can integrate knowledge from business, engineering and informatics to address real own projects.

  • They can build on the strengths of different background of the students from different disciplines.

  • Students apply the agile project management methodology for fast development. 

  • They hone their decision-making skills under possibly real conditions, such as time pressure and complex situations.

  • They can negotiate a consensus in interdisciplinary teams.


  • Degree/Certificate Passed/failed
  • Duration Week 38–03
  • Schedule Wednesday, 10.20–11.55 am
  • Application deadline Week 26–30 – online in IS-Academia
    Places are given priority to TI students
  • ECTS credits 2 ECTS credits
  • Costs No additional costs
  • Teaching language Teaching: English
    Competency assessment: English
  • Location a: Biel
  • School School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Next session Autumn semester