Master of Science in Sports

Master of Science in Sports

Course summary

The Master of Science in Sports is a practically oriented, interdisciplinary and scientifically based course that is unique in Switzerland and focuses on «Top-Level Sport».


The Master course specialising in «Top-Level Sport» imparts scientific and methodical knowledge of sport, differentiated insights into the wide field of training sciences and specific top-level sport management skills. Students learn to focus and integrate their knowledge of sport and training sciences into their practical proficiency and thus combine theory and practice.


Title / QualificationMaster of Science in Sports
  • Top-Level Sport
Program study optionsFull or part-time/in conjunction with a job
Language(s) of instructionGerman, partly English or French
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Master program


The course of study is concluded with the «Master of Science IFISM in Sports with a Specialisation in Sport».

Potential careers:

  • Person responsible for competitive sports at sports associations or large sporting clubs
  • Highly qualified, professional position in the top-level sports system
  • Position in other areas related to top-sports (e.g. management position in commercially run large sporting clubs or in organisations of large sporting events; media professional, etc.)
  • Training Researcher

Detailed information

MSc Sports

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Head of degree programme

Andres Schneider

T +41 58 467 62 45