Wireless Local Area Network

WLAN enables employees and students at BFH, members of other universities and guests to wirelessly connect their computer or smartphone to the BFH network.

BFH offers wireless networks for different needs at almost all locations. Please select the appropriate WLAN for your purpose:

  • At the BFH sites, the «bfh» WLAN is available to employees and students.
  • Access with your BFH username (ID code)) und BFH password.
  • For Android user: Please select Phase 2 Authentication MSCHAPv2 (see printscreen; please click on the image for an enlarged view).
IT WLAN Andorid
  • The «eduroam» (education roaming) WLAN is a secure, worldwide internet access for the international academic community.
  • With eduroam, students of the participating educational institutions (universities, colleges and other educational institutions) have free internet access.
  • You can use the WLAN infrastructure of participating institutions with the access data of the home network.
  • Access with the e-mail address and password of your home educational institution.
  • BFH internal IT resources are not available with «eduroam», a VPN connection is required.
  • Visitors can use the WLAN «bfh-open».
  • After an SMS verification, temporary internet access can be used free of charge.
  • BFH internal IT resources can not be accessed via «bfh-open».