We combine specialist engineering approaches with perspectives rooted in architecture, social sciences and planning. This allows us to generate solutions for future urban development and long-lasting infrastructure. Through our research, we contribute to improving safety and quality of life in rural and urban areas.

Research + Development

We develop scientifically rigorous solutions to real-world challenges. As part of this, we work on issues relating to geotechnics, special civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, natural hazards, transport infrastructure and urban space, densification, mobility and urban development.
We offer the following opportunities for cooperation:

  • Research projects on behalf of companies and institutions
  • Help with funding applications for national and international funding organisations (including Innosuisse, BAFU, ASTRA, Horizon 2020, COST and CDR)



Within the context of service contracts, we support planning processes and carry out expert reports, consultations and field and laboratory testing. Our specialists also carry out feasibility studies and provide product and production optimisation services.


We offer field and laboratory testing in the area of geotechnics and road infrastructure. The majority of these tests are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service. We have the following facilities available for this work:

Geotechnics research sub-area facilities

Field equipment

  • Small drill rigs for dynamic probing and core extractions
  • Light portable penetrometer
  • Light pneumatic penetrometer
  • Field vane testers and field penetrometer
  • Infiltration rings
  • Inclinometer
  • Echo sounder
  • Dynamic falling weight

Laboratory equipment

  • Large and small sieve device
  • U-value installation
  • Triaxial press
  • Wet sieve installation
  • Direct shear tester
  • Drying ovens with temperatures of up to 200°C and 1,000°C
  • Ring shear device
  • Digital and manually operable oedometer
  • Scales, min. 1.5 kg to 32 kg
  • Vacuum triax facility
  • QUV accelerated weathering tester

Transport Infrastructure research sub-area facilities

We have a laboratory equipped for tests on bituminous materials (binders, aggregates, coatings). The laboratory enables us to conduct a wide of tests and measurements and is available to both lecturers and research and development staff.

Knowledge and technology transfer

Provided they aren’t confidential, we feed all of our latest findings directly into practice. To this end, we hold events and lectures, write specialist articles, offer tours, organise workshops, and present findings at trade fairs.

  • Burgdorf Waste Water Day
  • Burgdorf Waste Water Hydraulics Day
  • Burgdorf Geotechnics Day
  • Burgdorf Hydraulic Engineering Day

Training and continuing education

We have strong links in the areas of teaching and continuing education. We offer supervision to students for project work and theses. Master’s students often work on our research projects as assistants, which enhances their future employability.