Services provided by the School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

We tackle real-world problems and seek scientifically sound, innovative solutions. From student theses to accredited product testing and international research cooperations: We accompany you from the idea to the marketable product.

For medium and larger projects, we carry out joint cooperations with the help of subsidies. We support you in applying for research grants from national and international funding organisations.

Contract research and services

In the context of research mandates and service contracts, we carry out planning, expert opinions and consulting on your behalf. Our experts are also available for further services such as feasibility studies or product and production optimisation.

Focusing on bio-based composites, we develop technologies for the use of wood and other raw materials as primary elements of materials and products.

We support the furniture and interior design industries with standards testing, design optimisation and the development of products, processes and their virtual presentation.

In the area of the surface finishing of wood and wood-based materials, we develop coating systems as well as application and drying processes.

In the area of wood modification, we develop processes and systems that permanently increase the value of solid wood and wood-based materials.

We develop synthetic and natural adhesive systems for use in load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications in the composite, wood, and furniture sectors as well as in the construction industry.

With sustainability in mind, we develop and optimise polymer-based products for use in adhesives and in wet and powder paints.

We develop high-performance material technologies and products based on fundamental chemical components and extractives from wood, bark and other plant-based raw materials.


Working with materials, building materials and furniture manufacturers, as well as construction companies, we develop practical solutions to ensure good indoor air quality.


In the dynamic environment of structural engineering, we develop solutions for the design, the development, the analytical and numerical verification and the experimental investigation of load-bearing structures.

Within the field of structural engineering, we deal with matters of earthquake-proof design, analysis and dimensioning of timber and hybrid structures.

We are your partner for questions concerning the fire safety of building materials and components, fire-protection solutions for buildings, and the interpretation of fire-protection regulations.

With our scientific expertise in heat and moisture proofing as well as architectural and room acoustics, we develop solutions to assure the quality of our built environment, thus making a contribution to the transition to green energy.

We work with you to develop and optimise products and systems in the areas of transparent façades, windows and doors.

Our research activities contribute to the enhanced development of energy-efficient, multi-storey timber construction, high-performance timber structures and durable civil engineering structures.

We are your go-to experts for existing timber constructions and historically valuable buildings, from appraising their condition to assessing and upgrading them.

Driven by a spirit of innovation, we develop new solutions in geotechnics and special civil engineering. We support river and lake conservation and increase protection from natural hazards.

With the aim of ensuring a safe and sustainable transport infrastructure, we develop technical solutions for road systems.

We work actively to create an environment that is pleasant to live in, developing sustainable solutions for future-proof spatial development in the context of inner densification and quality of life.

We analyse market developments in the timber and construction industry and provide expert advice on the development of business models and products.

At our technology park, we develop manufacturing solutions for wood processing, woodworking and the construction industry.

With an emphasis on Building Information Modelling BIM, we work on products and processes for more economical and better-quality construction.

Product testing

We perform product tests for you in our labs and testing facilities. The majority of the tests performed in our labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the Swiss Accreditation Service, a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ilac) (Accreditation No.: STS 0317). Thus the tests carried out at our company are recognised internationally.

We provide product testing in the following fields:

We provide for all your materials testing needs with classic standardised tests, as well as supporting you in the development and optimisation of new material technologies and processes.

Mit unseren (Prüf-)Dienstleistungen unterstützen wir Sie bei der Entwicklung und Optimierung von Holzwerkstoffen und den entsprechenden Produktionsprozessen.

We get your products fit for the market in the sustainable economy and advise you on the topics of ecological balance sheets, life cycle analyses and the circular economy.

In the area of interior design and furniture, we support you in testing furniture and furniture parts as well as fittings from the entire office, living-room, kitchen and school furniture sector.

Our services range from classic standardised tests to the development and optimisation of processes for wood and surface treatment.

At our microscopy laboratory, we analyse and evaluate material structures and surfaces at a microscopic level with a focus on natural fibre-based materials.

We test adhesives for structural and non-structural areas and support you in application-related optimisation of the formulation, adhesive selection and processing.

We apply established chemical and physical-chemical analytical procedures and develop new methods if required. We develop new formations, especially in the field of polymers with special properties.


We test materials and furnishings for possible emissions and determine the indoor air quality in the construction process and in the use phase. This becomes the basis for developing new products and processes. Most of the testing performed is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) and therefore internationally recognised.


We develop processes to obtain and recover compounds from plant biomass for a sustainable bio-economy.


We determine pesticides in art and cultural assets – quickly and non-destructively.


Vor Ort oder im Labor – unsere Experten und Expertinnen prüfen Ihre Tragwerke und Bauteile auf ihre statischen und bauphysikalischen Eigenschaften. Der Grossteil der durchgeführten Prüfungen ist nach ISO/IEC 17025 durch die Schweizerische Akkreditierungsstelle (SAS) akkreditiert und damit international anerkannt.

We advise you on acoustic issues in buildings, prepare expert reports and perform tests and calculations.

We advise you on acoustic issues in buildings, prepare expert reports and perform tests and calculations.

As part of the building envelope, windows, doors and shutters have to meet a number of requirements in order to perform the necessary functions satisfactorily throughout their life cycle. We provide you with verifiable, quantified statements about the performance of your products. This boosts customer confidence and delivers persuasive arguments.

We advise you on hygrothermal issues, examine the quality of your buildings using air-tightness and thermographic measurements and prepare expert reports.

Security is a key issue for doors and windows. There are clear rules at European level governing the requirements for burglar-resistant windows and doors. We advise and support you in selecting the window and door constructions to be tested, in obtaining the CE marking and in meeting the requirements of SIA 331 and SIA 343.

We perform condition surveys to assess your buildings and prepare reinforcement, refurbishment and monitoring measures.

The building land is the central factor in construction projects – both above and below ground. It presents opportunities and risks in equal measure. In order to ensure maximum safety in construction projects, the services of geotechnical specialists are required.

Building materials are a key element in ensuring the sustainability of transport infrastructure. These materials represent both opportunities and potential risks, which must be assessed by means of specialised services.

Student theses

Through our close connections with the area of teaching, your research issues can be taken on as topics for student theses, based on a flexible model. We supervise students with project and thesis work or organise study weeks at your company. Masters students are also frequently involved in research projects as assistants.