Swiss Literature Institute Library

Opening hours

Due to the current situation, the libraries of the HKB are closed for the time being until 19 April. Media can only be returned and borrowed after this date, there will be no reminder fees during this period, and there are no workstations available. We thank you for your understanding. Should the situation allow for an earlier opening, we will communicate this. We can be reached by e-mail if there is an urgent question.

The library


  • Contemporary German literature
  • Contemporary French literature
  • Contemporary Swiss literature
  • Publications by our students, alumni and teaching staff
  • Works by young authors
  • Specialist literature in creative writing
  • Literary theory


Books, journals, databases, CDs and DVDs: the library holdings are available for free to the students, lecturers and staff of the Institute of Literature.

Borrowing + Research

All holdings are indexed in the NEBIS online catalogue. The standard loan period is one month. Users can ask the librarian for an extension of their loan.

Services + Offers