Swiss Literature Institute Library

The library of the Swiss Literature Institute

Opening hours

The library is open 24/7 to students, lecturers and staff.

A library representative is present on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

In her absence, the administrative office and division assistants are available to answer your questions.

9 am–1 pm

The library


  • Contemporary German literature
  • Contemporary French literature
  • Contemporary Swiss literature
  • Publications by our students, alumni and teaching staff
  • Works by young authors
  • Specialist literature in creative writing
  • Literary theory


Books, journals, databases, CDs and DVDs: the library holdings are available for free to the students, lecturers and staff of the Institute of Literature.

Borrowing + Research

All holdings are indexed in the NEBIS online catalogue. The standard loan period is one month. Users can ask the librarian for an extension of their loan.

Services + Offers