Site consolidation

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) has grown steadily since its foundation and is now spread over 33 locations in three regions. Our two current campus projects, one in Biel and the other in Bern, are designed to streamline BFH locations, creating a basis for even more efficient research and teaching.

Biel/Bienne campus

BFH is to merge its technical disciplines at a new Biel/Bienne campus, centrally situated next to Biel railway station. This move will create an efficient teaching and research environment for the two departments TI and AHB, in shared, cutting-edge premises that meet all of today’s expectations of a place of teaching, learning, research and work.


BFH has grown steadily since its foundation in 1997 and is now spread over 33 locations in three regions. The aim of the campus project in Biel is to concentrate technical disciplines on one site. Today, these are spread across 10 locations in the Bern, Biel and Burgdorf regions. The new Biel/Bienne campus will allow BFH to make use of synergies in teaching and research and increase its competitive edge.

The campus is to be built on the ‘Feldschlössli’ site near Biel railway station. The construction project is based on the winning project ‘Trèfle’ by pool architects from Zurich. Owing to various legal proceedings, construction work was suspended at the beginning of 2018. These cases have now been settled. If the Grand Council gives the green light for the project to continue in summer 2023, construction work should resume in late 2023. The opening is expected to take place in late 2027. 

Visualization campus (as of August 2018)
Visualization campus (pool Architekten/studio blomen)

Bern campus

At the Bern campus, Health Professions, Social Work, Business, the HKB performative arts, the President’s Office and Services are set to be combined under one roof.


The School of Health Professions, the School of Social Work, the Business School and the Academy of the Arts’ performing arts divisions, along with the President’s Office and services, are currently spread across 22 different locations in Bern. The Bern campus will bring them all together in one place in Weyermannshaus Ost in Ausserholligen, in the west of the city. The Bern campus will allow BFH to make use of synergies in teaching and research and increase its competitive edge. The campus is connected with other projects in Ausserholligen, including those involving SBB and the City of Bern. These projects are technically and financially intertwined, as well as in terms of their schedule. BFH and the canton of Bern currently expect the Bern campus to open in autumn 2028 at the earliest.


Teil des Campus-Geländes ist ein attraktiver, öffentlich zugänglicher Park mit dem offengelegten Stadtbach.
Campus Bern © wulf architekten, STUDIOPEZ, Aron Lorincz Ateliers


TecLab, a joint initiative of Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and Bern Technical College (TF) in collaboration with other partner organisations, is to be created at the current BFH Tiergarten location (Jlcoweg 1) in Burgdorf. The aim of TecLab is to encourage a new generation to take up technical and ICT professions and to support businesses with the challenges involved in sustainable development.

TecLab Burgdorf will:

  • Promote STEM subjects and related professions (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
  • Provide professional development programmes for industry and commerce in the field of sustainability
  • Offer sustainability-related services for businesses

Pilot phase to begin in 2020

In 2020, TecLab will run and evaluate pilot programmes in all three areas. These programmes will be based at the Tiergarten location in Burgdorf. As soon as the divisions involved have completed the move to the Biel/Bienne campus, the building will be redeveloped and repurposed.

Through TecLab, Burgdorf will remain a BFH location and benefit from the joint programmes of BFH and TF Bern, which will also be relocating to Burgdorf. TecLab Burgdorf will play an important role in making the city and region of Burgdorf an attractive place to study.