Prof. Ross Bennie


Prof. Ross Bennie Dozent

  • Contact hours Monday afternoon
    Tuesday morning
  • Address Berner Fachhochschule
    Business School
    Institut Marketing & Global Management
    Brückenstrasse 73
    3005 Bern


  • lecturer in business English

  • English language services (coaching, proofreading, global competence)

  • responsible for IBA business English modules IEN1 & IEN2


  • business English

  • business skills

  • negotiation

  • business writing


  • exams which are both fair and based on real-world tasks


  • First things first: Bennie is my *surname*, so please call me Ross.

    As I was growing up in Scotland, I never knew what job I wanted to do. I did know what job I didn’t want: with two teachers as parents, I didn’t want to be a teacher. Going to university in the mid ‘80s – Thatcher’s Britain – was all about getting a job after your degree. So I made the biggest mistake of my life and chose electronics (which seemed expedient) instead of geography (which I was interested in and good at).

    After a fairly dreary four years at uni I then spent nine even drearier years in IT. Working for the electronics arm of the McLaren Formula 1 team sounds glamorous, but wasn’t. I only got out by getting married. My wife (also from Scotland) got a job at the internet division of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation; over 20 years and two kids later, we’re still here.
  • 1988-1990 software engineer STC Telecommunications
  • 1991-1997 senior software engineer McLaren Applied
  • 1984-88 BSc Electronics & Electrical Engineering University of Edinburgh
  • 2005-07 Master's Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages University of Cambridge / International House
  • 2010 Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik BFH


Language skills and intercultural knowledge

  • English - Native or bilingual proficiency
  • German - Professional working proficiency
  • French - Elementary proficiency
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom