Code of Conduct

BFH is a great place to study and work. The Code of Conduct also contributes to this by formulating rules of conduct and behaviour for all areas of the BFH and creating a binding framework for all members of the University.

Code of Conduct der BFH

The Code of Conduct sets out what members of BFH can expect in terms of conduct and from each other. It covers the areas of collaboration, responsibility, communication, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, scientific integrity, and handling of information and protection of privacy. It also states what forms of behaviour are not tolerated at BFH: discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, threats, violence and corruption. Furthermore, the Code of Conduct contains general information on support and counselling services and on sanctions and measures.

The principles of conduct formulated in the Code of Conduct are implemented in the individual areas with targeted measures and based on corresponding provisions, specifically with regard to the following aspects:

  • Protection of personal integrity
  • Scientific integrity
  • Whistleblowing