Global networking

We are committed to being actively involved in shaping our global environment and positioning ourselves. This is why we are involved in various supra-regional initiatives.

The initiatives in which we are involved concern...

  • ... cooperation with our geographical neighbours.
  • ... cooperation with Europe as the most important educational sphere.
  • ... extra-European cooperation with OECD countries.
  • ... engagement in South-North collaboration.

Global strategic university cooperation

BFH’s global strategy is based on consideration of the content and geostrategic framework of its global science and research environment. Four main aspects are taken into account:

Das Diagramm beschreibgt die Globale Strategische Hochschulzusammenarbeit der BFH

BFH decides in which regions or countries particular opportunities or challenges arise based on the analysis and evaluation of these topics. Accordingly, BFH can define certain countries or regions as strategic priorities.


We have been a member of the PIONEER Alliance since 2022. The alliance unites 10 European universities on one campus as part of the European Universities Initiative. The PIONEER Alliance has three objectives:

Die Grafik zeigt drei Ziele der PIONEER Alliance

With its thematic focus on “sustainable, resilient and safe cities and communities”, the PIONEER Alliance makes an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable contribution to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.

Students are provided European education and continuing education opportunities in this field that cover both content and the necessary competences.

Joint research projects between the alliance partners involving private and public stakeholders contribute to finding solutions to current challenges.

Priority country Canada

Canada is a priority country of the Swiss National Foundation, and since April 2024 of BFH. Thanks to good framework conditions, including various funding schemes for research and innovation, BFH can count on attractive conditions for international cooperation.

South-North collaboration

Hugo P. Cecchini Institute

HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute – International cooperation and development

The HAFL Institute Hugo P. Cecchini contributes to the development of sustainable small agricultural holdings as well as forestry and food systems in developing and transition countries.

UNESCO Chair in Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Responsible Global Management

Bern University of Applied Sciences houses the UNESCO Chair in Responsible Global Management (RGM). A UNESCO Chair is an international network of higher-education institutions working with UNESCO. Through their collaborative efforts, the partners promote the advancement of academic knowledge and practical abilities in globally significant thematic domains.

Situation within BFH

The UNESCO Chair in RGM acts at an interschool level within BFH. Located at the Business School (Institute for Marketing & Global Management), it connects twelve universities. Six of them are in European countries (Switzerland, France, Romania, Denmark), and six others are in African countries (Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya).

The UNESCO Chair aligns with the strategic thematic fields of BFH and Switzerland’s foreign policy – in particular, its MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa strategies.

There are around 950 UNESCO Chairs in 120 countries at present, eleven of which are in Switzerland. UNESCO Chairs contribute to intensified collaboration between institutions of higher education worldwide. They promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices with the aim of tackling global challenges and achieving UNESCO’s goals. The chairs focus on various topics which are congruent with the priorities and objectives of UNESCO.

Memberships in university networks

BFH is active in various university networks.

UAS for Europe

UAS for Europe is a network of European universities of applied sciences. The network’s aim is to publicise universities of applied sciences and make the value of applied research visible.

European Universities Association EUA

The European Universities Association EUA represents 850 European universities and rectors’ conferences and is involved in education policy issues such as the Bologna Reform and other EU education initiatives.

Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk is a worldwide university network that campaigns for the protection of persecuted researchers and university lecturers.

Partner universities

Bern University of Applied Sciences maintains an extensive network of foreign partner universities. There are reciprocal student and staff exchange agreements with most of them.

With just a few clicks you can get a quick overview of our partner universities worldwide. Use the practical filter options to find the right partners by school, degree programme and country.

All relevant information for our partner universities on the subject of learning mobility for individuals is published here: