PIONEER Alliance

BFH is an active partner of the PIONEER Alliance. Our research and collaborations help to make cities and communities more sustainable and to shape societal discourse.

The PIONEER Alliance exists since 2020 (BFH joined it in 2022). The alliance brings together 10 European higher education institutions in a transnational  campus as part of the European Universities Initiative.

The PIONEER Alliance has three goals:

This infogram shows the objectives of the pioneer alliance.

BFH, an active partner and expert institution of the PIONEER Alliance

Focus on SDG 11 in line with BFH’s strategic thematic fields

BFH has defined three strategic thematic fields in line with the EU’s policy on green and digital transformation and resilient societies: “Sustainable Development”, “Humane Digital Transformation” and “Caring Society”.

This infogram shows the amount of publications at BFH in relation to the sustainable development goal 2011
BFH output regarding SDG 11-related scientific papers

We put a special emphasis on research activities related to SDG 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”, which is the thematic focus of the PIONEER Alliance. Between 2019 and 2023, BFH has published a total of 198 papers related to SDG 11 as an umbrella topic, thus thematising specifically BFH’s strategic thematic fields.

This infogram shows the amount of research projects related to the sustainable development goal no 11 each BFH department has from 2019 to 2023
BFH schools currently involved in SDG 11 research projects

Research collaborations

BFH is strongly involved in research collaborations with external stakeholders, public and private partners alike. We specifically support and promote innovations, providing easy access to knowledge and infrastructure to start-ups and spin-offs. In 2022, BFH launched its Entrepreneurship Office. Private partners amount to approximately 40% of our university’s cooperation partners in research and innovation.

This infogram shows the percentage and type of cooperation partners BFH works with
Partner types engaged in BFH research projects

Contribution to the PIONEER Alliance

BFH is an active contributor to the PIONEER Alliance. We engage stakeholders, lead tasks within four work packages, and work towards the institutional transformations enabling a European campus. We are committed to putting in place the necessary resources. 

BFH is strongly committed to the overall mission of the PIONEER Alliance. We fully engage in building up the Alliance’s governance structure and the Open Campus of the future.

Examples of SDG 11 research projects