Compatibility of job, studies and family

Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH promotes the compatibility of family, job and studies. When care work is taken on, we offer a hand in finding solutions. BFH support its employees and students in balancing job and studies with nursing and care work.

Family and job

At BFH we want to live the spirit of a family-friendly university culture. Our brochure «Family friendliness in universities» provides superiors and employees with information and suggestions. It offers food for thought for a compatibility-oriented personnel policy in universities and outlines the legal background. See the Factsheet for key information in a nutshell.

Familie und Beruf


BFH offers a limited number of crèche places for its members. Students and employees who are interested can find details in the BFH-Intranet.
If you have any questions please contact Corinne Badertscher. BFH cannot guarantee crèche places but is happy to contribute towards solving the childcare problem with this service.

Looking after relatives in need of care

Compared to childcare, looking after elderly people and those in need of care is often more of a challenge for those concerned both in terms of planning and as a mental burden. Employees of Bern University can apply for up to four working days of paid leave per annum if a close family member suddenly falls ill so that they can provide or organise the first care (Art. 156, 1, a in conjunction with Para. 3 PV).


Studying and gainful employment

In the interest of improved compatibility, BFH is constantly expanding the range of part-time degree programmes. Studying and working at the same time is a reality and financial necessity for many students. Information and counselling on these aspects is available at the Counselling Centre Universities of Bern.