Frédéric Pichelin elected to COST’s Scientific Committee

23.11.2022 Frédéric Pichelin, Head of the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology, has been elected as the Switzerland’s representative on the Scientific Committee of COST (Cooperation in Science and Technologies in Europe). BFH wishes to congratulate him on this remarkable achievement.

Pichelin is Switzerland’s only representative on COST’s Scientific Committee, which has just over 40 members.

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding organisation for the creation of research and innovation networks called COST Actions. These Actions help to establish networks of research initiatives throughout Europe and beyond, and enable researchers and innovators to develop their ideas in all fields of science and technology by sharing them with their peers. COST Actions are bottom-up networks with a four-year term that promote research, innovation and careers.

In 2021, around 45,000 researchers were involved in 289 ongoing COST Actions, 1127 short-term scientific missions and 129 training schools.

COST’s Scientific Committee (SC) advises the COST organisation on the quality of the ‘Open Call’ and procedures related to the submission, evaluation and selection of proposals. It oversees the monitoring and final assessment of COST Actions.

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