“A great deal of trust was placed in me right from the outset.”

12.06.2023 Aimé Ehi is studying computer science at BFH and did a start-up internship at legal-i in Bern during summer 2022. He worked on the code base of the insurtech start-up whose AI-based research assistant helps to predict the outcome of medical insurance cases and makes the processing of their files 40% more efficient.

Porträt Aimé Ehi
A feature developed by Aimé Ehi was actually implemented and published during his internship.

The start-up legal-i was launched in 2019 and has developed a virtual research assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on medical insurance law. This enables the time required for processing accidents to be cut from several years to months, while personal damages experts at insurance companies and law firms indicate they can save 40% in terms of resources. The virtual research assistant was developed jointly with the BFH Institute for Data Applications and Security (Applied Machine Intelligence research group).

Aimé Ehi was given access to the entire code base right from the outset and encouraged to try things out and improve the code where possible. It was the first time he had encountered a code base of this size. After an induction period during which he familiarised himself with the Java development and system architecture, he then worked on web development. He implemented a searchable audit log and integrated an application programming interface (API) for IP localisation. He was thrilled that this feature was actually published during his internship. He was also impressed by how quickly features were implemented and published generally in the short release cycles.

The corporate culture was another thing that impressed him, as he found it extremely conducive to individual employee development without overlooking the importance of teamwork. All team members were extremely generous with their time, gave him valuable advice and encouraged him to ask questions.

In just under two months at legal-i, Aimé Ehi learnt a huge amount and gained highly valuable new experience in various fields. He believes the internship will enhance his career prospects after graduation.

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