Use of hard-to-sell raw wood assortments

In order to ensure that hard-to-sell raw wood products can be put to good use, the Wyss Academy for Nature has launched a project with regional partners, industry representatives and BFH to look for and test new, economic potential applications.


  • Lead school School of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering
  • Institute Institute for Digital Economy in the Construction and Wood Industries
  • Research unit Management and Market Research
  • Funding organisation Wyss Academy for Nature
  • Duration (planned) 01.07.2022 - 15.12.2022
  • Project management Prof. Norbert Winterberg
  • Head of project Prof. Norbert Winterberg
  • Keywords Raw wood assortments, raw wood, raw wood demand, wood demand, regional forestry, processing wood industry


The demand for wood is greater than ever before, yet certain raw wood products from the forest are difficult to sell, especially poor qualities like beetle kill wood and wood species such as beech and pine. In order to ensure the diversity of forest performance, it is necessary to seek realistic products. In effect, additional sales channels for hard-to-sell raw wood assortments generate additional income for regional forestry and the wood processing industry. Thus, the value chain can be strengthened.


There are numerous ideas for the use of hard-to-sell raw wood assortments, many of which have been mentioned in the context of initial events and surveys. These ideas are to be discussed in an Inno-Workshop and checked for feasibility. By the end of 2022, at least one realistic use should be defined for each region, for which concrete implementation projects will be launched, in particular for the search for investors or locations or, if necessary, research projects.

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