High Voltage and EMC Laboratory

Our laboratory is a competence center for strong electric and magnetic fields as well as for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Our Laboratory

We have the capability to generate current and voltage, both continuous and pulsed, up to 150 kA and up to 1 MV. Such amplitudes are necessary to expose individual components or entire devices to strong electrical and magnetic fields and thus to verify their operational suitability or EMC resistance.


In our laboratory, we carry out the following tests on electrical power transmission equipment and railway systems or components thereof (including insulation material samples up to 60kV) to determine the operational strength:

  • Lightning impulse voltage
  • Alternating voltage
  • Direct-current voltage
  • Surge current
  • EMC

These tests can be carried out according to international or European standards or according to customer specific requirements. EMC tests such as ESD, burst and surge tests can also be carried out outside the high-voltage laboratory (e.g. on site) and on power electronic devices such as converters or control systems as well as on electronic circuits, prototypes, etc.
The following test methods are also available for diagnostic purposes:

  • Loss factor measurement
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Partial discharge measurement

In addition to the above tests, we offer consulting and studies on the design of high- and medium-voltage devices and components. Simulation and calculation tools are available to support field-/potential distribution and EMC issues.


  • In-depth knowledge of high-voltage/high-current technology and electromagnetic interactions between electrical systems
  • Implementation of standard-compliant and customer-specific tests and diagnoses thanks to a high-standing infrastructure and highly qualified specialist staff
  • Scientifically oriented consulting and conducting of studies according to "state of the art" standards

The laboratory is a shielded high-voltage laboratory, it carries out high-voltage, high-current and EMC tests. We have the following facilities at our disposal which may be of interest to potential external partners:

  • Surge voltage generator max. 1MV / 1.2/50μs
  • 50Hz AC voltage system max. 300kV
  • DC or AC voltage system max. 280kVDC/100kVAC
  • Surge current generator max. 150kA / 4/10μs or 8/20...350μs
  • 50Hz alternating current system max. 6.5kA
  • TEAS partial discharge measuring system, resolution <1pC
  • SF2801 Dissipation factor measuring bridge, tanδ 0...110% ±5×10-5
  • Pulse voltage and current generator SRG 6501 1,2/50μs: ±200V - 4.4kV or 8/20μs: ±100A - 2.2kA
  • NSG 438 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator 200V-30kV, 0.5-25/sec
  • Burst generator PM 150 250V-3kV, rise time 75ns
  • Pulse voltage and current generator PSURGE 6.1 1,2/50μs: ±250V - 6kV or 8/20μs: ±125 - 3kA
  • PS 1500 Electrostatic discharge simulator 15kV, 24/min
  • PLINE 1610 Mains Interference Simulator


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences.