Initiating and anchoring change

We investigate what it takes to alter consumer behaviour in an ethically justifiable manner.

Product innovations, new technologies, and digitalisation

We explore customer or user acceptance or resistance to new technologies (e.g. digital/smart/radical/sustainable innovations), products and business models so that they can unfold their societal benefits.

In addition, we are looking at the impact of the use of new technologies (e.g. products and services based on artificial intelligence) on consumer behaviour.

Selected publications

Sustainable and healthy consumption

While many people aim to consume sustainably and healthily in the long term, they fail to do so in their daily lives, where short-term indulgence beckons. We are investigating how customers can be supported to get closer to their long-term goals.

Limits of influence

We integrate client perception of marketing tools into all our topics, for example with influencing factors and effects of the perception of modern marketing tools (decision architectures, dark patterns, etc.) as manipulative or unethical. We develop guidelines for an ethically justifiable use of such instruments.