Innovation cheque study for Thinkgate

The marketing group is supporting a Bernese start-up with a preliminary study supported by Innosuisse. The aim is to investigate user acceptance of a new type of mobility app.



The start-up Thinkgate is developing a travel app that will be used in the on-board computer (navigation) of passenger cars. The app optimizes the travel time to the airport from the departure point at home to the gate at the airport. While conventional navigation apps optimize the journey from the starting point to the airport, the new app also incorporates information provided by airport operators and airlines, such as current waiting times at the check-in counter and security check, or even delays. The app uses a novel forecasting technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). The more people use the app for their journey to the airport, the more precisely the app can identify the most efficient journey. The result of this process across many users will allow airport operators to better prepare for passenger traffic and schedule more staff during peak times. The aim of the project is to investigate the level of acceptance of private end users for such an app.

Course of action

Using a quantitative-empirical study (randomized experiment), the project investigates drivers and barriers of adoption for the new technology for different target groups.


The results of the study support the start-up in the further development of the product and provide valuable insights into acceptance among potential private users.