‘Our interdisciplinary research team designs and provides end-to-end ICT solutions for Switzerland’s e-society.’ Prof Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer

Data Science and Engineering (DSE)

The Data Science and Engineering research group tackles various aspects of information and its underlying data: from modelling to management and analysis. Its focus centres on unconventional structures and technologies such as NoSQL, multimedia and the Semantic Web.
Another focus area is the realisation of web-based and current mobile distributed information systems. At a technical level, the research group’s activities focus on public administration and institutions in culture, education and research.


The E-Government research group develops management instruments for the federal state. The interdisciplinary team has many years of experience in the development and implementation of such tools and provides support to an increasing number of partners.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Alongside its teaching activities, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) research group is engaged in a variety of domestic and international research projects on IAM, electronic identities and signatures, identity federations and the protection of the private sphere.

International Management

Alongside its teaching activities, the International Management research group addresses key issues affecting the management of export-oriented companies. It develops methodologies and tools for implementing international strategies and optimising international business processes.

Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management (STIM)

The Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management (STIM) research group develops management methodologies and tools for analysing, modelling, simulating and validating enterprise systems and ecosystems. A key activity is publishing on topics including innovation diffusion, instruments for developing digital strategies, innovation management and the application of simulation methodologies.