‘Our interdisciplinary research team designs and provides end-to-end ICT solutions for Switzerland’s e-society.’ Prof Annett Laube-Rosenpflanzer

Applied Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence raises deep scientific, engineering and societal challenges. We focus on identifying and defining solutions to these challenges.

Business Information Systems Engineering (BISE)

The Business Information Systems Engineering research group designs and implements applications for the collecting, integration, management, search and analysis of data. It develops applications for structured and unstructured data using modern methods processes and technologies. Its expertise covers various areas of application, such as, among others, CRM, administration, GIS, strategy planning and implementation.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Alongside its teaching activities, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) research group is engaged in a variety of domestic and international research projects on IAM, electronic identities and signatures, identity federations and the protection of the private sphere.

International Management

Alongside its teaching activities, the International Management research group addresses key issues affecting the management of export-oriented companies. It develops methodologies and tools for implementing international strategies and optimising international business processes.

Management Science, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (MISE)

The Management Science, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship (MISE) research group analyses situations and develops strategies to successfully design products, services and business systems for a sustainable, data-centric world. The group develops and communicates strategic impulses, methods and solutions for increasing competitiveness, innovation strength, planning and investment security in companies and organisations. The focus is on practical and impact-oriented knowledge transfer in the areas of innovation, logistics and supply chain management, production management, business analytics, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

MISE: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We support you with the integral design and management of the value chain with end-to-end analysis – something that is becoming increasingly important due to rising levels of external value creation and the growing complexity of long supply chains. While greater emphasis was placed on cost drivers and efficiency improvements in the past, the aspects of resilience, transparency, sustainability and cooperation must be given importance in multi-tier supply chains.

MISE: Sustainability and Circular Economy

From sustainable raw material sourcing and product design to sustainable manufacturing, circular business models and end-of-life product recovery systems: we support companies that are reinventing products, processes and technologies leading to a lower-carbon future. Digital technologies in particular play a critical role in enabling restorative industrial production systems.

MISE: Predictive Maintenance

Using predictive maintenance, we develop solutions to identify system maintenance requirements at an early stage and to determine and predict optimum times for such work to be carried out. The goal is to detect problems in systems before malfunctions or failures occur.