Range of services

Starting with requirements gathering, concept development, prototyping, implementation, operation and evaluation of impact and outcome: We work together with stakeholders from healthcare, industry and research on digital solutions that can be implemented in a real environment with secured patient data.

Research + Development

You commission us for research and we develop a practice-oriented, research-based solutions at current rates. Our lab environment enables us to test use cases, as well as medical informatics applications, in a realistic setting and make them market-ready.


We offer flexible collaboration for your services or product development. For more information, please contact us personally.

  • Conducting participatory workshops
  • Development of digital health solutions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological clarifications or investigations
  • Project support
  • Consulting, planning

Student theses

Innovation and research are key to strengthening competitiveness. That is why companies from a wide range of industries have long collaborated with our bachelor’s and master's students. Here, our students incorporate aspects of their respective partner company’s work into their thesis, supervised by us. In doing so, they enable the company in question to avail itself not only of the students’ own academic knowledge and experience, but also that of their lecturers.

Training + Continuing education

Whether we like it or not, technology plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives. Those closely involved in its development and advancement are helping to shape our future.