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Are you looking for innovative solutions for urban drainage, traffic infrastructure, special civil engineering, protective structures or hydraulic engineering? You are at the right place.

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Water and Natural Phenomena

We focus on promoting water protection, maintaining and increasing safety against natural hazards, and ensuring robust and adaptable urban drainage. Challenges in these areas are increasing due to the effects of climate change.

Do you need to clarify certain aspects of design planning and protective structures against natural hazards or near-natural hydraulic engineering? Are you interested in developing solutions for climate-friendly urban drainage? Do you have questions on water and flood protection, intact water cycles, or new principles and test methods for the design of protective measures or for natural risk hazard assessment (rockfall, avalanches, debris flows or landslides)?

Our aim is to create solutions that are effective and ecologically sustainable, in line with social needs, and that take into account the requirements of spatial planning.

We offer a vast array of services within the scope of student projects, research mandates, research and development cooperations or consulting services:

  • Development, management, backing and assessment of case studies and projects
  • Advice on design and project planning
  • Measuring campaigns, field and laboratory tests in the field of watercourses, debris flows and urban drainage
  • Data evaluation and interpretation using the latest digital developments

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Mobility and Transport Infrastructure

We develop technical solutions for transportation facilities with the aim of ensuring a safe and sustainable transportation infrastructure. We are specialised in road traffic and airport facilities as well as rail infrastructure.

We teach our students about the relationship between mobility, transportation and infrastructure, and the importance of transportation infrastructure for society. We enable them to plan, design, build, operate and maintain sustainable transportation infrastructure.

In Continuing education and Research & Development, we focus on sustainable transport infrastructure, safe road infrastructure (ISSI infrastructure safety instruments), maintenance management and the monitoring of road infrastructure conditions. In addition, one of our key focusses is the railway system.

Our range of services:

  • Research mandates and consulting services
  • Research and development cooperations
  • Risk assessment of structures
  • Probabilistic evaluation of structures
  • Assessment of structural collapses
  • Assessment of structural damage
  • Extreme value analysis of impact (floods, climatological impact)
  • Investigations into natural and technical shocks against bridges and structures
  • Impact of debris flow on buildings
  • Application of AI for the examination of infrastructure buildings
  • Life cycle assessments for infrastructure buildings
  • Stone arch bridges
  • Student projects

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Geotechnics and Special Civil Engineering

We propose innovative solutions in geotechnics and special civil engineering. We develop methods and measures for high-performance geotechnical structures and components such as retaining structures, prestressed and unstressed anchors, or pile and shallow foundations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Geotechnical solutions for structures in special civil engineering, e.g. retaining structures, stressed and unstressed anchors, pile and shallow foundations, slope protections
  • Structural infrastructures, e.g. near-natural soil protection solutions for slope stabilisation, innovative pavements, use of geosynthetics in special civil engineering
  • Development and characterisation of innovative materials in geotechnics: low-emission foundation concrete, groundwater-compatible soil improvement systems, liquid soils, sophisticated laboratory and field tests
  • Data management and analysis, artificial intelligence in the field of geotechnics and special civil engineering

Our range of services: