Composite Materials

Focusing on bio-based composite materials, we develop technologies to enable the innovative use of wood and other raw materials as the basis for new products and materials.

Furniture Development

We support the furniture and interior design industries in ensuring compliance with standards, optimising product design, and developing and visually representing products and processes.

Surface Treatment

We develop coating systems and application and drying processes for wood and engineered wood products.

Wood Modification

We develop systems and processes for sustainably enhancing the value of solid wood and wood-based materials.

Adhesive Technology

We develop and optimise synthetic and natural adhesive systems for the wood products and furniture industries and the construction sector, for use in load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures.

Polymer Chemistry

We develop polymer-based products for use in adhesives, wet coatings and powder coatings.

Wood Chemistry

We develop high-performance material technologies and products using chemical components and extracts of wood, bark and other plant-based raw materials.

Material Emissions

In collaboration with material manufacturers, furniture producers and construction companies, we develop practical solutions to achieve good indoor air quality.