Work within social organisations is characterised by a variety of internal and external influences, expectations and requirements. Conditions for these organisations are changing constantly. To strengthen organisations, we begin with their management, networking and effectiveness.

The management of social organisations

We anticipate developments in society and in social services, and craft solutions that make change processes easier for organisations and their management teams.

We specialise in organisational development and values-based institutional management. Thanks to our analytical expertise, we identify scope for action and help organisations use this in a targeted way while involving their staff. We also offer support when organisational culture needs to be reviewed. In addition, we work alongside our clients to draw up conceptual frameworks and practical tools for inclusive management behaviour or self-management for senior executives.

The networking of social organisations

We support officials and managers from communities, regions and cantons in the design of care systems at the local and regional level. Our experience is broad. On the one hand, it focuses on social planning and, within that, a networked consideration of social services and infrastructures. On the other, we are proficient at initiating participatory processes and user involvement.

We also contribute by developing cooperation initiatives between social organisations and other stakeholders. We have particular expertise in topics such as management tools and new financial models. Not least, we ensure the integration of social work into interprofessional settings, in particular through service development and fine-tuning roles in healthcare and education.

The effectiveness of social organisations

Social services must be reviewed regularly. We support institutions in managing and representing the effectiveness and benefits of their services with the aid of scientific analysis and evaluations, for example. We also help organisations to develop structures and processes aimed at maintaining and enhancing quality or improving cost-to-benefit ratios.

We achieve this by identifying quality indicators, developing tools and adapting processes, for instance. Alongside this, we help organisations to develop needs-based services and concepts. Finally, we offer market and competitor analysis, which helps organisations position themselves strategically and offer tailor-made services.