Our expertise is in understanding diversity, making it tangible and giving it shape.

As an interdisciplinary team, we recognise discrimination and create space for all to participate. We specialise in participatory and applied methods and in incorporating the socio-spatial dimension. A sensitivity to diversity, intersectionality and the analysis of power structures are our core competencies in these areas.

Understanding diversity

We analyse social inequalities and power dynamics in society in general and in specific social spaces. We also research mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, as well as the significance of key structural categories, such as class, gender, age, religion and body, and their intersectional entanglement.

Experiencing diversity

How is diversity experienced? We research the experiences of people affected by inclusion and exclusion. We are guided by their living environment and ask questions about their subjective experience. We are interested in their coping strategies, which are used to inform social work.

Shaping diversity

Social work aims to notice and engage with experiences of social inequality and difference in everyday work and its institutions. We develop basic principles and work with practitioners on solutions to create opportunities and expand the options available to service users and specialists.

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