Range of services

Our aim is to highlight mechanisms of discrimination. We want to understand social inequality and implement projects promoting more equal opportunities in collaboration with stakeholders.

Research and services

We view diversity as an opportunity for successful social cohesion. Diversity is interwoven with various categories of social difference, such as class, race, body and gender. We specialise in analysing these categories and the related power structures. We also work to make diversity tangible, with the aim of facilitating participation.

We make our decisions based on the lived experience of those affected, and taking into consideration the social environment. Here, we place an emphasis on cooperation in order to develop participatory projects tailored to the stakeholder.

Our clients and collaboration partners include:

  • Social work organisations 
  • Organisations working in the areas of migration and integration
  • Community organisations
  • Educational institutions
  • Universities and universities of applied sciences 

Services in the Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work

A commitment to teaching is one of the core competencies underpinning the institute. We provide expertise on topics such as social inequality, diversity, the social environment and societal change.

Continuing education

Our part-time continuing education courses help you deepen your knowledge of topics around integration and migration.