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Baukultur is a meaningful part of a society’s cultural heritage. A high level of Baukultur not only creates aesthetically pleasing buildings, but also spaces worth living in that create their own identity and a sense of community. Historic buildings tell stories of the past and characterise the townscape. The respectful approach of existing fabric, the successful integration of modern elements and the creation of timeless architecture are central aspects of a sustainable Baukultur.

Architects, urban planners and society have a shared responsibility to preserve built heritage and to create valuable new objects that respect people’s needs and contribute positively to the development of our cities and living spaces. We support you in the process.

Our range of services:

Design and Conception

Evidence-based design is the foundation of a society that seeks to balance aesthetics and sustainability. To this end, we apply various design methodologies, such as site-specific spatial perception or systemic and cycle-oriented approaches.

Evidence-based design has a wide array of outcomes. It can result in new buildings or the development of existing structures by using the fabric more efficiently or reinterpreting it. Or it may lead to the conclusion that “not building at all” is sometimes the most sensible solution.

Overall, evidence-based design helps to create an aesthetically pleasing built environment that embodies the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. Using design methodologies, we build a bridge between the creative design of spaces and the creation of liveable environments that meet not only current needs, but also those of future generations.

Our range of services:

Construction and Structure

Our core competency is the development of sustainable design principles and of load-bearing systems. To this end, we combine the resource-friendly use of materials with architecture and space in order to create sustainable and durable buildings and structures.

We approach construction as the fundament of structural design and as a part of architectural design. We focus on the interplay of construction, architecture and load-bearing structures to compose a harmonious unit.

Our work always takes into account the principles of circular economy, ecological construction and ecological renovation. We focus on the integration of renewable, locally available materials such as wood.

We analyse well-established design principles and combine them with the latest findings and methods in order to create sustainable, resource-friendly solutions. Thus, we develop innovative, adaptive approaches for several generations to come. With the analysis of the construction, the structure, the structural design and the load-bearing structure design, we lay the foundation for an integrated planning approach, from new structures through to upgrades.

We develop new strategies and approaches for business partners, authorities and associations.

Our range of services:

Urban Transformation

Urban areas and agglomerations face a wide range of conflicting challenges: densification vs. open space, environmentally friendly vs. economically-friendly requirements, attractive vs. development potential. They are also expected to accommodate the demand for smart solutions. With that in mind, we identify new opportunities for designing residential areas, spaces and buildings that are both sufficient and liveable.

The design of innovative, participatory and resilient processes plays just as important a role as addressing social needs and structural requirements in terms of identity, acceptance, efficiency and adaptability.

Committed to an environment worth living in, we develop sustainable solutions for future-oriented spatial development within urban transformation processes.

Our range of services:

  • Research mandates and consulting services
  • Research and development cooperations
  • Development, consulting and support for innovative development, participation, planning and construction processes
  • Development of customised, data-based spatial models for the analysis and visualisation of large, highly complex data structures as a decision-making tool
  • As an independent player, initiation, planning and management of your information and participation processes
  • Student projects