Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaics (PV) is the central new energy source of the Energy Strategy 2050. Our laboratory has 30 years of experience in researching the field of "Photovoltaic System Technology".

Our Laboratory

The most important activities of our laboratory are research projects and services in the fields of long-term measurement and quality assurance of PV systems, testing of PV inverters, integration of photovoltaics in building envelopes and connection of photovoltaics with electric vehicles, batteries and " smart use ".


Our laboratory provides the following services for companies and other customers:

  • Inverter and PV storage system testing (accredited testing laboratory)
  • Measurements on PV systems/ field tests/ PID test
  • Characteristic measurement / thermographic images
  • Shading analyses
  • Insulation resistance tests in the high-voltage laboratory
  • Lightning protection analyses and conceptual design
  • Information, consulting and lectures on the subject of PV system technology 
  • Expert Reports


  • Applied research for SMEs (Innosuisse)
  • PV inverter tests, PV storage system tests and component tests
  • Smart module test stand (outdoor test stands / WR test / high-voltage laboratory)
  • PV inverter and battery test
  • PV module tests with own flasher, EL and PID test system
  • High voltage and high current laboratory for component tests
  • Long-term monitoring and quality testing of PV systems
  • Buildings: Planning of PV skins and calculation of PV yields, as well as development of PV building components
  • PV2X / EV2X
  • Integration of smart grid components for PV systems
  • Trainings and lectures (CAS/ companies and associations)
  • Services and expertise 
  • Teaching for architects and engineers (BSc and MSE courses)
  • 60 kWp, 2.5 kWp, 4.8 kWp and 5 kWp test facilities in Burgdorf
  • EMC measurements and lightning current sensitivity tests in the high-voltage laboratory. 
  • Solar simulators and solar generator simulators 
  • Accredited inverter test infrastructure for standard tests
  • Programmable AC/DC source of 3*5 kW (single-phase 15 kW) for f = 0 - 2.5 kHz for controlled generation of disturbances on the grid side
  • Various thermography cameras
  • Drone with IR camera
  • Further measurements and measuring instruments on request

We analyse all factors that influence the long-term energy yield and the safe and reliable operation of PV systems. The electricity production of PV systems is strongly dependent on environmental conditions such as generator orientation, temperature and solar radiation. Through precise long-term measurement, we can assess the operation of all components of a PV system as well as the overall system.
Our laboratory (PV LAB) carries out long-term measurements on over 40 different PV systems in Switzerland. We apply three basic measurement principles:  

Depending on the measuring procedure, a differently detailed analysis of the plant operation is possible. Fine measurement enables us to carry out a very precise analysis of the systems.

The following organisations and companies are among the most important external partners of the laboratory for photovoltaic systems:

  • Bundesamt für Energie BFE
  • Innosuisse
  • SCCER-Furies (Innosuisse)
  • Gebäudeversicherung Bern GVB
  • Bernische Kraftwerke AG BKW AG
  • Elektra Jegenstorf
  • Studiengesellschaft Mont Soleil
  • Swiss Frame AG
  • Belenos AG
  • LEM SA
  • Steca Gmbh (D)
  • More than 2'000 individual contacts to the PV industry.


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences.