Institute for Human Centered Engineering – Robotics Laboratory

Our know-how at the Robotics Laboratory (HuCE-roboticsLab) ranges from industrial to mobile robotics with research focus on collaborative robotics.

Our Laboratory

Our research projects focus on collaborative robotics and have applications in industry 4.0 and medicine.


We offer development and service projects for industry: 

  • Innovation and development projects for Swiss industry
    • Direct financing
    • Co-financing by Innosuisse
  • Innovation and research projects for international industry
    • Direct financing
    • Co-financing by Eurostars, Eureka, EU H2020
  • Support for design and development projects
  • Consulting and outsourcing in applied research projects
  • Lectures and technology courses in our fields of expertise
  • Demonstrations and practical laboratory visits for adults and children


Our core competences are: 

  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Image Processing and Control
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Mechatronic Product Design
  • Automation and Production Ergonomics

Collaborative Robots and Smart Workspaces

We are developing smart workspaces that allow for the intuitive control of collaborative robots in industrial applications. You can find below some videos illustrating how we tackle the issues related to collaborative robotics and shared workspaces.

Worker Safety - Obstacle Avoidance

Worker safety is top-most priority. The system is able to detect human presence and dynamically modify its trajectory to avoid a collision. If no trajectory is found, the robot stops.

Flexible Environments - Moving Target

Robot trajectories are encoded as goals and not as absolute positions in space. The path planning can dynamically modify the trajectory to reach the desired goal. This enables dynamic collaboration between human and robot.

Learning by Demonstration

Learning by demonstration instead of expert programming.

Autonomous Learning of Task Constraints

The system is able to learn the task constraints from a few demonstrations.

Our laboratory equipment can be borrowed or leased by SMEs so you do not have to invest in equipment that you want to test first or that you rarely use:

  • Collaborative Robots

    • Kuka LBR iiwa
    • Franka Emika Panda
    • Universal robot UR3
    • F&P P-Rob
  • Industrial robots

    • Stäubli TX40
    • Stäubli RS20
    • Mecademic Meca500
    • Asyril PowerDelta
    • Sysmelec Automelec
  • Mobile Robots

    • 20 Yellow robots (suitable for swarm robotics)
    • Kuka youBot
  • Man-machine interfaces

    • Force Dimension Omega X haptic device
  • Non-contact measuring systems

    • 3D motion detection system
    • Laser-based distance measurement (LIDAR)
    • Variety of equipment for vision (cameras, lenses, lighting)


Contact us or meet our technical experts at various events in a direct conversation. Collaboration results in a win-win situation for everyone involved: your company, society and the university of applied sciences.