Sports Technology

The sports technology research group focuses on interdisciplinary research into advanced feedback systems for treadmill automation.

Our laboratory

Range of services

Our work is based on multidisciplinary expertise in technology, sport and movement. We focus primarily on the area of high-end solutions, but many of our methods have been successfully deployed in rehabilitation technology.

Areas of expertise

Feedback control algorithms

We have developed feedback control algorithms that enable the training and effort intensity to be determined through the automatic regulation of heart rate, oxygen uptake or metabolic performance. A target value is selected for the controlled variable. The speed and incline of the treadmill are automatically set during exercise so that the target value is attained.

Positioning algorithms

We have also developed high-precision positioning algorithms. They allow users to select their own walking or running speed while the feedback control continually adjusts the treadmill speed to maintain the target position. These applications are available for walking, running and cycling on a treadmill.


Our laboratory in Burgdorf is equipped with a high-performance treadmill (Venus by h/p/cosmos). Various position monitoring sensors – such as ultrasound and laser sensors – and a real-time communication protocol enable the treadmill to be fully controlled by computer.
We also have state-of-the-art heart-respiration monitoring systems to record breathing online.


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