Smelling More, Smelling Differently

This project orchestrated meaningful dialogues on smell as a cultural practice.



The goal of the project is a dialogue with the public on the outcome of ongoing research projects.

Course of action

This communication project developed different communicative approaches and formats: Films and other forms of ethnographic data were prioritized and selected with respect to its communicative value.


“When Fragrances Tell: Olfactory Storytelling” was the title of a focused festival kind of program that encouraged unconventional forms of meaning making by fusing creative writing with critical smelling. The website provides access to ethnographic field data and positions scent as a creative way of life.

Looking ahead

The communicative formats are used in workshops with industry & other innovative contexts. The website is continuously used as a key resource in the growing field of craft perfumery.

Die untere Gesichtshälfte einer Frau ist zu sehen, wie sie an einem Flakon schnuppert.
Der Geruchssinn ist der unmittelbarste der menschlichen Sinne.