Ammoniakemissionen aus der Landwirtschaft in der Schweiz 1990-2019

Ammonia (NH3) emissions induce significant nitrogen losses for the Swiss agriculture and negative impacts for the environment. By means of the model Agrammon NH3 emissions are calculated. The aim of the project is a yearly calculation of th


  • Lead department School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
  • Institute Resource-efficient agricultural production systems
  • Research unit Plant production systems
  • Funding organisation Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (Bundesverwaltung)
  • Duration (planned) 01.08.2019 - 31.07.2021
  • Project management Thomas Kupper
  • Head of project Thomas Kupper
  • Keywords Ammonia, Emissions, Agriculture, Nitrogen, Inventory

Course of action

The ammonia emissions of the Swiss agriculture are yearly calculated by means of the model Agrammon. The procedure is based on the Swiss activity data, representative surveys on farm and manure management and calculations at individual farm level using the model Agrammon for 2002, 2007, 2010, 2015, 2019. For 1990 and 1995 simplified calculations are applied by means of Agrammon regional. Between the calculation years the emissions are determined by interpolation.