PgB Action Plan: "Data Stewardship" (P-5)

The Data Stewardship action plan for the implementation of the BFH Open Science strategy serves to strengthen the practice of Open Research Data (ORD) in the scientific activities of BFH members and to promote a culture of targeted research



Data sharing is not yet widespread in the social sciences. Scientific research should be sustainably strengthened in its impact, transparency and reproducibility.

Course of action

The planned measures are based on the Open Science strategy and on RDM and ORD needs analysis at the BFH. The focus is on the following areas: - Capacity building at the institutional level, training of data stewards - Establishment and expansion of service and support offerings for ORD - Development of infrastructure - Inclusion of data stewardship in the training of young researchers - Creation of appropriate continuing education programmes for researchers and teachers - Networking and cooperation with other universities - Training and further education for data stewards, knowledge transfer