Development of a Care@home continuing education programme

The project aims to create a continuing education programme for Care@home to provide professionals with the skills required to understand and implement this care model in future.



In future, technology (e.g. sensor technology for monitoring vital parameters) can help to implement local medical interventions and care treatment in the home setting and to identify signs of deterioration in health at an early stage. New care concepts enable the targeted deployment of technologies for patients and healthcare service providers. Various application scenarios are conceivable: avoidance of hospital admission, new forms of hospital after-care based on technologies and in combination with the services of other external actors/partners, improved communication and exchange of information, passive, technology-based health monitoring, early recognition of health problems and related socio-medical support.

Course of action

In collaboration with experts from Canada, researchers from the Health and Medical Informatics divisions will define the skills to be taught on a Care@home continuing education programme in future. Experts in social work and psychology will also be involved during the project implementation phase. The question of whether an international continuing education programme on this topic would be worthwhile will also be explored as part of the project.


The project results will include a concept for a Care@home programme at BFH. This kind of programme has never been provided before in Switzerland.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being
  • 4: Quality education